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Poems Comparison Essay examples - 2477 Words

ICCSE ENGLISH LITERATURE POETRY COURSEWORK In the poems you have studied a recurring theme is that of ‘loss’. This can take many forms: death; identity; hope or loss of innocence Discuss the poets’ treatment of any aspect of the theme of loss in at least 6 of the poems you have studied. A minimum of 3 poems should be taken from the anthology. Poems for discussion: In detail - Prayer Before Birth (Louis MacNeice) - Do not go gentle into that good night (Dylan Thomas) - A mother in a Refugee Camp (Chinua Achebe) Referred to - Poem at Thirty-Nine (Alice Walker) -Death Of A Son (Jon Silkin) -Mid Term Break(Seamus Heaney) Loss is universal. An inevitable condition of life; you cannot have one without the†¦show more content†¦People would not want to hear that their loved ones merely gave up and died passively. This poem in itself is a celebration of life, the poem is not only about death but it is an affirmation of life. To further emphasise the points being made Dylan Thomas utilises a wide range of literary devices. Parallelism is used from lines seven to fifteen to juxtapose the different attitudes of the so called â€Å"genres† of men at their death. This is used to outline that if you continuously lead one set type of lifestyle whether it is as a â€Å"wild man†, a â€Å"grave man† or a â€Å"good man† you will not be satisfied when your time comes to die. The only true way to be satisfied is to live a life of balance; only with a good contrast can you be at peace. The general attitude towards loss in â€Å"Death Of A Son† is the complete opposite. Whereas Thomas reverently encourages the continuation of life, or at least to fight against death, in â€Å"Death of a Son† death is an escape and as a release, it is therefore seen as a relief. The life of this boy has only been a cause of suffering; suffering for his parents having to watch with no hope day after day and also suffering for himself. This is shown as he â€Å"neither sang nor laughed† â€Å"but rather, like a house in mourning kept the eye turned in to watch the silence†. The word â€Å"mourning† here creates a sense of foreboding due to theShow MoreRelatedPoem Comparison1393 Words   |  6 PagesWaking† by Theodore Roethke are two poems that relate directly to the speaker. Although both poems share this similarity, the way in which both works or literature are constructed are vastly different. Plath uses visual imagery and poetical tercets t o show the pain and suffering of the speaker in her poem, while Roethke uses the musical Villanelle and synesthesia to create his picture of the speaker’s inner thoughts and a sense of awakening. When reading the poem â€Å"Lady Lazarus† for the first timeRead MoreComparison of Two Poems1156 Words   |  5 PagesIn two of D.H Lawrence’s works Bat and Man and Bat, both poems portray the author’s encounters with bats and his feeling of disgust towards them. In this essay I will compare the two poems in terms of tone, rhythm, diction and style. Both Bat and Man and bat started with a peaceful tone; the author describes the setting in Florence, Italy and gives a calming tone to the readers. However, as the author proceeds with the poem, and starts to introduce a bat, the tone starts to change. In batRead MorePoem Comparison (Burns and Rossetti)1265 Words   |  6 PagesComparison of Robert Burns A Red, Red Rose and Christina Rosetti s A Birthday Though the subject of both Robert Burns A Red, Red Rose and Christina Rosetti s A Birthday is love, the tone, diction, and form of each underline the different themes. The theme of the Burns poem is the beautiful ardency of the lover saying farewell to his love, while the Rosetti poem focuses on the joyous feelings of lovers being reunited. Both poems convey love as an emotion that transcends the immediateRead MoreComparison of Two Love Poems1628 Words   |  7 PagesComparison of two love poems ‘How do I love thee? Let me count the ways.’ is a poem written in the 19th century by a poet named Elizabeth Barret Brown. Assuming that this love sonnet was written from the poets point of view this poem is about how a lady loves her lover. The title suggests that this poet will list how she loves a certain person and in how many different ways and the poem does exactly that, Elizabeth also compares her love to things that it is not possible to live without. The languageRead MoreWar Poem Comparison Essay1727 Words   |  7 Pagesof not more than 1,500 words compare and contrast ONE PAIR of the two pairs of poems printed below. Your answer should exhibiy a clear understanding of each poem’s meaning and tone, and you should consider the effect and importance of formal features, such as rhyme scheme, sound patterning, word choice, figurative language and punctuation. Date handed in : 31st January 2011 This essay will compare the poems â€Å"On Passing the New Menin Gate† by Siegfried Sassoon (1927) and â€Å"Anthem For DoomedRead MorePoetry Comparative Essay Guide1500 Words   |  6 Pagescompare two or more poems in your exam. You could be asked to write about the presentation of themes, people or places and the importance of language. A good comparative essay is like a multi-layered sandwich: †¢ BREAD - A new point. †¢ FILLING A - How one of your chosen poems illustrates this point. †¢ FILLING B - How your other chosen poem illustrates this point. †¢ BREAD - Your conclusion about this point. This is what the examiners call cross-referencing - you talk about both poems all the way throughRead More Comparison of the Poems The Tyger and The Lamb Essay1217 Words   |  5 PagesComparison of the Poems The Tyger and The Lamb In William Blake’s Songs of Innocence and Experience we are confronted with a powerful juxtaposition of nature. The innocuous ‘lamb’ and the ferocious ‘Tyger’ are designed to be interpreted in comparison with each other. Both creatures innovatively define childhood, they provide a contrast between youthful innocence and the experience of age contaminating it. ‘The Lamb’ is simplistic in vocabulary and style, Blake uses childish repetitionsRead MoreComparison of Whitman and Dickenson Poems856 Words   |  4 PagesAmerica experienced profound changes during the mid 1800 s. New technologies and ideas helped the nation grow, while the Civil War ripped the nation apart. During this tumultuous period, two great American writers captured their ideas in poetry. Their poems give us insight into the time period, as well as universal insight about life. Although polar opposites in personality, Emily Dickinson and Walt Whitman created similar poetry. Dickinson s Hope is a Thing with Feathers and Whitman s O CaptainRead MoreNarrative Of A Mother Daughter1061 Words   |  5 Pagesâ€Å"†¦Why is it / just as we begin to go / they begin to arrive†¦Ã¢â‚¬  (lines 4-6). Olds takes on the voice of this despondent woman in her poem â€Å"35/10,† using rich, honest language and metaphoric comparisons to communicate observations about the cycle of life and the pattern of replacement . In the main body of her poem, Olds lists a sequence of three key metaphoric comparisons between the woman and her daughter’s changing bodies. Both characters are experiencing small â€Å"previews† of their futures through developmentalRead MoreComparison of Two Poems: the Tyger and the Lamb844 Words   |  4 PagesI chose to do the comparison between ‘The Tyger’ and ‘The Lamb’ because they both have similar themes but are concerned with very different aspects of life. ‘The Tyger’ concentrates on the dangers to be faced in life and nature while ‘The Lamb’ celebrates nature as seen through the innocent eyes of a child. Blake examines different, almost opposite or contradictory ideas about the natural world, its creatures and their Creator. William Blake is the narrator of both poems which emphasizes his

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Racism And The Criminal Justice System - 1739 Words

With so many news stories and incidents surrounding the topic of race and the police these days, it is not surprising for people to come to the conclusion that racism may exist within the criminal justice system. We will be taking a deeper look into the problem to find out what other possible determinants may play a role in deciding how an officer makes an arrest or stop and continue to analyze what is happening in those contexts. The issues surrounding the topic of race is like the two faces of the same coin as there are usually two sides that we have to consider: reality and media portrayals. The reality side of situations is always there at the time, but it is so subtly hidden from society that nobody understands it unless they witness it firsthand and with the media spreading filtered information, it becomes even harder for us to identify the key issue; this is especially the case when dealing with the police and racial profiling. If you turn on the news and flip to a channel whe re it is reporting on the police and their arrests, you will most likely see more arrests pertaining to minorities than other ethnicities. In the news, we can often see a misrepresentation of ethnic minorities, usually African-Americans, being arrested when compared to others and this has caused problems around societies countless times. For this essay topic, I will be discussing the different issues surrounding race within the parameters of criminal justice and inequality; furthermore I will beShow MoreRelatedRacism : The Criminal Justice System1040 Words   |  5 PagesBagley PLS 213 American Federal Government-Online 25th November 2015 Racism in Our Criminal Justice System There are many different types of unlawful racism in the criminal justice system. It goes from back in the early part of our great nation’s birth to the killing of Martin Luther King Jr. to Ferguson, Missouri. The path that racism takes is from old time’s point of view. The way to clear up racism in our criminal justice system is simple and easy. Americans need to fully understand the idea ofRead MoreRacism And The Criminal Justice System1190 Words   |  5 PagesIntroduction In today’s American society much of the issues incurred are centered on racism or racial discrimination encompassing crime and the criminal justice system. A vast majority of the issues in the criminal justice system relate to race, ethnicity, or economic class and captures actions by legislators, the policies of the police, and the practices of the courts. In 2009 alone, African American males accounted for 6.7 times more incarceration rates than whites in both state and federal penitentiariesRead MoreRacism in the Criminal Justice System Essay1276 Words   |  6 PagesIs the Criminal Justice system racist? This question has been asked many times by people of many colors. According to Mac Donald (2008), the criminal justice system is not at all racist. The article depicts arrest rates of both whites and blacks and compares statistics on these arrests. It looks at the number of whites and the number of blacks in jails and prisons. In this critique, we will be looking into th is article to see these points in which Mac Donald states proves that the criminal justiceRead MoreRacism And The American Criminal Justice System1584 Words   |  7 Pagesover-represented in the criminal justice system, but under-represented politically in the United States of America. Since well before its inception in 1776, the United States of America has been a nation characterized by white supremacy. In fact, modern day America may not exist if not for the taking of land from the Indigenous Peoples on this very premise. Today, many Americans believe they live in a post-racial nation, citing the abolition of slavery in the 1860s. While racism has certainly beenRead MoreRacism in the Criminal Justice System Essay1208 Words   |  5 PagesAfrican Americans suffer from economic, psychological, political and social exploitation at the hands of powerful Whites in this country. As a result of this exploitation, Black people usually are put into situations where the commission o f a criminal act is often seen as the most effective resolution to their problems. Most Caucasians, however, will probably never understand the predicament in which most Black find themselves. Stolen from our homeland and then forced to work under the most miserableRead More Racism in the Criminal Justice System Essay6900 Words   |  28 PagesRacism in police treatment of minorities has created great disparities in incarceration amongst the races. Blatant cases of racist law enforcement that are covered in the  news are a testament to the fact that racism within police departments exists from coast to coast. However, these are only the cases that people find out about; there are countless other cases of police racism and brutality that are not reported. A series of reports that have been published in the last few years have shown thatRead MoreRacism And The Criminal Justice System2409 Words   |  10 PagesIs there segregation and unfairness in the criminal justice system? When we as people watch the news or read our newspapers, we can see that most of the criminals committing crimes are usually of African American or Hispanic descent. Society today even depicts people of color as criminals in all novels and comic books while white characters play the victim. It may seem as if the media only focuses on the crimes and pettiness involved with black people. What are included for Blacks to be more requiredRead MoreRacism And The United States Criminal Justice System Essay2200 Words   |  9 PagesThere is a very evident problem with racism in the United States Criminal Justice System. Society chooses to ignore this problem because many do not think they are a part of it. What they do not understand is they are a part of society, therefore a part of the problem. Even if a particular person is not doing anything to cause this problem directly, they are not helping the situation either. Society has to become aware of this issue and stop pretending as though it is something that will go awayRead MoreThe Criminal Justice System Has Served As A Focal Point Of Much Of Societal Racism993 Words   |  4 Pageswhite† (Bureau of Justice Statistics (BJS)). These studies propose that while criminal behavior cuts across race and class lines, the common response to these behaviors may significantly influence the course of a potential criminal career. Decisions concerning the most effective balance of responses by law enforcement, social services, and community intervention are critical in determining many of these outcomes. Bias within the criminal justice Historically, the criminal justice system has served asRead MoreDisparity and Discrimination Essay790 Words   |  4 PagesMany different situations occur within the criminal justice system. The situations that will be discussed in this essay are Pseudospeciation, bigotry vs. racism, hegemony, social construction, and disparity vs. discrimination. There will be definition on these terms. After defining the all terms, I will apply these terms to the criminal justice system using examples to illustrate the understanding of the definitions. Pseudospeciation Pseudospeciation begins with the fact that cultural differences

Federal Civil Procedure Free Essays

I. Personal Jurisdiction – in what state can the P sue the D? a. Two step-analysis i. We will write a custom essay sample on Federal Civil Procedure or any similar topic only for you Order Now Satisfy a statute AND ii. Satisfy the constitution (due process) b. In Personam Jurisdiction – jurisdiction over person, not property, b/c of some contact b/t D and forum state i. Statutory Analysis 1. Every state has statutes allowing jurisdiction based on domicile, presence instate when served w/ process, and consent (implied or actual). 2. Long-arm statute ( allows jurisdiction over non-residents ii. Constitutional Analysis (International Shoe) 1. Test ( Does D have â€Å"such minimum contacts w/ the forum so that exercise of jurisdiction does not offend traditional notions of fair play and substantial justice† 2. Factors a. Contact – some tie b/t D and forum i. Purposeful Availment – D’s voluntary act 1. i. e. D ships goods into forum state or D uses roads or causes effects in forum state ii. Foreseeability – D would get sued in this forum b. Fairness i. Relatedness – b/t contact and the claim 1. not always necessary to have relatedness if have substantial ties w/ the forum a. i. e. D domiciled there, business there, served w/ process there can be sued in that state under general jurisdiction ii. Convenience – forum ok unless puts D at a severe disadvantage in the litigation iii. State’s interest – provide forum for its citizens TIP: My parents frequently forgot to read childrens’ stories M – minimum contacts P – purposeful availment F – foreseeability F – fairness R – relatedness C – convenience S – state’s interest II. Subject Matter Jurisdiction – in what court? Federal courts only hear two types of cases: diversity of citizenship and federal question a. Diversity of Citizenship Cases i. Citizens of different states 1. Complete diversity rule ( no diversity if ANY P is a citizen of the same state as any D, at the time the case is filed 2. Citizenship a. Human – can only have one place of citizenship i. Domicile – 1. presence instate AND 2. subjective intent to make permanent home b. Corporation – can have more than one place of citizenship i. State where incorporated AND ii. One state principal place of business 1. Only one PPB a. Headquarters OR i. Most use this to designate unless all activity is in one state b. Most production or service activity c. Un-incorporated associations i. Use citizenship of ALL ITS MEMBERS d. Decedents, minors, incompetents i. Look to their citizenship NOT the representative’s citizenship ii. Amount in controversy – good faith allegation the claim in the complaint exceeds $75,000. 00, exclusive of interest and costs 1. Aggregation – adding together two or more claims to meet amount in controversy requirement a. Need one P and one D b. Joint tortfeasors – use total value of claim, irrelevant of the # of parties 2. Equitable Relief – if either test met, then it’s OK a. P’s viewpoint: does injunction cover loss of value by more than $75k? OR b. D’s viewpoint: would it cost D more than $75k to comply w/ the injunction b. Federal Question – claim â€Å"arises under† federal law c. Supplemental Jurisdiction – no federal jurisdiction b/c no diversity or FQ, BUT may still be able to get into federal court i. Test 1. common nucleus of operative fact – arise out of same transaction or occurrence as underlying claim ii. Limitation 1. can not use to overcome lack of diversity in a diversity of citizenship case BUT 2. Can use to overcome lack of diversity in a FQ case 3. Can use to overcome amount in controversy in diversity cases d. Removal – allows D’s to have case filed in state court â€Å"removed† to federal court i. What cases? – if case could be heard in federal court ii. Where? – ONLY to the federal district court embracing the state court iii. When? – no later than 30 days after service of the first removable document e. Erie Doctrine III. Venue IV. Service of Process V. Pleadings VI. Joinder of Parties VII. Discovery VIII. Pretrial Adjudication IX. Conferences and Meetings X. Trial, Judgment and Post-trial Motions XI. Appeal XII. Claim and Issue Preclusion How to cite Federal Civil Procedure, Papers

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Muse - Black Holes and Revelations free essay sample

â€Å"Black Holes and Revelations† is a perfect name for Muse’s latest; the album gives you the feeling of being on another planet. It combines synthesizers, low but deep bass, heavy drums, crisp guitar, and high-pitched vocals to make quite an alien sound. With a perfect mix of slow and fast songs, Muse’s diversity makes the music appeal to any type of listener. The album’s theme of political corruption bleeds profusely through the songs â€Å"Take a Bow,† â€Å"Exo-Politics,† â€Å"Assassin,† and even â€Å"Knights of  ­Cydonia.† â€Å"Take a Bow†  ­blatantly incriminates corrupt leaders with lines such as  ­Ã¢â‚¬Å"Corrupt/You corrupt/Bring corruption to all that you touch/ Hold/You’ll behold/And beholden for all that you’ve done/ Spell/Cast a spell/Cast a spell on the country you run.† The album has a unique and refreshing sound. It is a great choice for those who like electronic rock with a synthetic sound that utilizes the sliding technique on a guitar. We will write a custom essay sample on Muse Black Holes and Revelations or any similar topic specifically for you Do Not WasteYour Time HIRE WRITER Only 13.90 / page The heavier songs, such as â€Å"Map of the Problematique,† are almost like a less hardcore Rage Against the Machine. The softer ones, such as â€Å"Invincible† and â€Å"Soldier’s Poem,† sound like Pink Floyd with more synthesizers, and â€Å"Starlight† has a sound similar to U2. The strongest songs on the album are â€Å"Assassin,† â€Å"Knights of Cydonia,† â€Å"Invincible,† â€Å"Starlight,† and â€Å"Take a Bow.† â€Å"Assassin† is by far the heaviest. It begins with a menacing guitar riff and then explodes with tremendous force sure to knock even the heaviest giant off its feet. â€Å"Knights of Cydonia† gives you the feeling of galloping through the countryside on horseback on a mission to save the world. â€Å"Invincible† and â€Å"Starlight† are both uplifting tracks, and â€Å"Take a Bow† is like nothing you’ve ever heard before. When I first bought â€Å"Guitar Hero: World Tour,† I never thought this would be a gateway to finding a new  ­favorite band. When I first heard â€Å"Assassin† in the game, I thought, I have to hear more. So I picked up Muse’s latest, â€Å"Black Holes and Revelations,† and it proved to be $15 well spent. If you are looking for something new and unique, take a journey with â€Å"Black Holes and Revelations.†

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Arab women essays

Arab women essays "And in no wise covet those things in which Allah has bestowed his gifts more freely no some of you than others; to men is allotted what they earn, and women what the earn...(4:32). This verse is simply implying that every man is not better than any woman or vice verca". It glues in on the fact that each sex has some advantages over the other. I am here to explain women in the Arab world and how they differ form us here in the U.S.A. As well as what makes them unique in so many ways. Women's roles are much different in the Arab workd than they are here in the United States. A wife must nither recieve male strangers nor can they accept gifts without their husband's approval. A husband has the legal right to restrict his wife's freedom of movement, which to me is unfair and unjust. He can pervent her from leaving the house without his permission uless there is a legitimate reason to do so. A wife must also not to object to the husbands right to take another wife or to have a divorce. However if she wishes to not have his freedom she is legally allowed to do so. Women however are asked not to make a display of they're figures, not to wear tight clothing that can reveal their shape and figure, nor can they appear in such dress except to there husbands, relatives living in the same household, or infants or small children who have not yet got a sence of sexual orientation. Every women is also required to cover her whole body excluding the face and hands, which is much different form how we dress these days. However, if a women is old but still has sexual desires she may take off her over-garments but nothing else can come off. The social behavior of a women is different. Men make their wife's promise that they would obstain form stealing, slander, and disobedience. When the women take this oath; they take their hands as a make of allegiance. But there are some that view this as a bit much. The pr...

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USS New Mexico (BB-40) during World War II

USS New Mexico (BB-40) during World War II USS New Mexico (BB-40) - Overview: Nation:  United States Type:  Battleship Shipyard:  New York  Navy Yard Laid Down:  October 14, 1915 Launched:  April 13, 1917 Commissioned:  May 20, 1918 Fate:  Sold for scrap, 1947 USS New Mexico  (BB-40) - Specifications (as built) Displacement:  32,000 tons Length:  624  ft. Beam:  97  ft. Draft:  30 ft. Propulsion:  Electric drive turbines turning 4 propellers Speed:  21  knots Complement:  1,084  men Armament 12  Ãƒâ€" 14 in. gun (4  Ãƒâ€" 3)14 Ãâ€" 5 in. guns2 Ãâ€" 21 in. torpedo tubes USS New Mexico (BB-40) - Design Construction: After commencing construction of five classes of dreadnought battleships (, , , Wyoming, and New York), the US Navy concluded that future designs should utilize a set of common tactical and operational characteristics.   This would allow these ships to operate together in combat and would simplify logistics.   Designated the Standard-type, the next five classes made use of oil-fired boilers instead of coal, eliminated amidships turrets, and utilized an â€Å"all or nothing† armor scheme.   Among these alterations, the change to oil was made with the goal of increasing the vessel’s range as the US Navy felt that this would be required in any future naval conflict with Japan.   The new all or nothing armor arrangement called for key areas of the ship, such as magazines and engineering, to be heavily protected while less vital spaces were left unarmored.   Also, Standard-type battleships were to have a minimum top speed of 21 knots and a tactical turn radius of 7 00 yards.   The concepts of the Standard-type were first employed in the Nevada- and Pennsylvania-classes.   As a follow-on to the latter, the New Mexico-class originally was conceived as the US Navys first class to mount 16 guns.   Due to arguments over designs and rising costs, the Secretary of the Navy elected forgo using the new guns and directed that the new type replicate the Pennsylvania-class with only minor modifications.   As a result, the three ships of the New Mexico-class, USS New Mexico (BB-40), USS Mississippi (BB-41), and USS Idaho (BB-42), each mounted a main armament consisting of twelve 14 guns placed in four triple turrets.   These were supported by a secondary battery of fourteen 5 guns.   In an experiment, New Mexico received a turbo-electric transmission as part of its power plant while the other two vessels used more traditional geared turbines.      Ã‚        Ã‚   Assigned to the New York Navy Yard, work on New Mexico began on October 14, 1915.   Construction advanced over the next year and a half and on April 13, 1917, the new battleship slid into the water with Margaret Cabeza De Baca, daughter of the late Governor of New Mexico, Ezequiel Cabeza De Baca, serving as sponsor.   Launched a week after the United States entered World War I, work moved forward over the next year to complete the vessel.   Finished a year later, New Mexico entered commission on May 20, 1918, with Captain Ashley H. Robertson in command. USS New Mexico (BB-40) - Interwar Service: Conducting initial training through the summer and fall,  New Mexico  departed home waters in January 1919 to escort President Woodrow Wilson, aboard the liner  George Washington, back from the Versailles peace conference.   Completing this voyage in February, the battleship received orders to join the Pacific Fleet as flagship five months later.   Transiting the Panama Canal,  New Mexico  reached San Pedro, CA on August 9.   The next dozen years saw the battleship move through routine peacetime exercises and various fleet maneuvers.   Some of these required New Mexico  operate in conjunction with elements of the Atlantic Fleet.   A highlight of this period was a long-distance training cruise to New Zealand and Australia in 1925.    In March 1931,  New Mexico  entered the Philadelphia Navy Yard for an extensive modernization.   This saw the replacement of the turbo-electric drive with conventional geared turbines, the addition of eight 5 anti-aircraft guns, as well as major alterations to the ships superstructure.   Completed in January 1933,  New Mexico  departed Philadelphia and returned to the Pacific Fleet.   Operating in the Pacific, the battleship remained there and in December 1940 was ordered to shift its home port to Pearl Harbor.   That May,  New Mexico  received orders to transfer to the Atlantic for service with the Neutrality Patrol.   Joining this force, the battleship worked to protect shipping in the western Atlantic from German U-boats. USS New Mexico (BB-40) - World War II: Three days after the attack on Pearl Harbor and American entry into World War II,  New Mexico  accidentally  collided with and sank the freighter SS  Oregon  while steaming south of Nantucket Lightship.   Proceeding on to Hampton Roads, the battleship entered the yard and had alterations made to its anti-aircraft armament.   Departing that summer,  New Mexico passed through the Panama Canal and stopped at San Francisco en route to Hawaii.   In December, the battleship escorted transports to Fiji before shifting to patrol duty in the southwest Pacific.   Returning to Pearl Harbor in March 1943,  New Mexico  trained in preparation for the campaign in the Aleutian Islands.    Steaming north in May,  New Mexico arrived at Adak on the 17th.   In July, it took part in the bombardment of Kiska and aided in forcing the Japanese to evacuate the island.   With the successful conclusion of the campaign,  New Mexico  underwent a refit at Puget Sound Navy Yard prior to returning to Pearl Harbor.   Reaching Hawaii in October, it began training for the landings in the Gilbert Islands.   Sailing with the invasion force,  New Mexico  provided fire support for American troops during the Battle of Makin Island on November 20-24.   Sortieing in January 1944, the battleship took part in the fighting in the Marshall Islands including the landings on Kwajalein.   Rearming at Majuro, New Mexico then steamed north to strike Wotje before turning south to attack Kavieng, New Ireland.   Proceeding on to Sydney, it made a port call prior to commencing training in the Solomon Islands.      Ã‚      This complete, New Mexico moved north to participate in the Marianas Campaign.   Bombarding Tinian (June 14), Saipan (June 15), and Guam (June 16), the battleship defeated air attacks on June 18 and guarded American transports during the Battle of the Philippine Sea.   After spending the beginning of July in an escort role, New Mexico provided naval gunfire support for the liberation of Guam on July 12-30.   Returning to Puget Sound, it underwent an overhaul from August to October.   Complete, New Mexico proceeded to the Philippines where it protected Allied shipping.   In December, it aided in the landings on Mindoro before joining the bombardment force for an attack on Luzon the following month.   While firing as part of the pre-invasion bombardment at Lingayen Gulf on January 6, New Mexico sustained damage when a kamikaze struck the battleships bridge.   The hit killed 31, including the battleships commanding officer, Captain Robert W. Fleming. USS New Mexico (BB-40) - Final Actions: Despite this damage, New Mexico stayed in the vicinity and supported the landings three days later.   Quickly repaired at Pearl Harbor, the battleship returned to action in late March and aided in bombarding Okinawa.   Commencing fire on March 26, New Mexico engaged targets ashore until April 17.   Remaining in the area, it fired on targets later in April and on May 11 sunk eight Japanese suicide boats.   The following day, New Mexico came under attack from kamikazes.   One struck the ship and another succeeded in scoring a bomb hit.   The combined damage saw 54 killed and 119 wounded.    Ordered to Leyte for repairs, New Mexico then began training for the invasion of Japan.   Operating in this capacity near Saipan, it learned of the wars end on August 15.   Joining the occupation force off Okinawa, New Mexico steamed north and arrived in Tokyo Bay on August 28.   The battleship was present when the Japanese formally surrendered aboard USS Missouri (BB-63). Ordered back to the United States, New Mexico ultimately arrived at Boston on October 17.   An older ship, it was decommissioned the following year on July 19 and struck from the Naval Vessel Register on February 25, 1947.   On November 9, the US Navy sold New Mexico for scrap to the Lipsett Division of Luria Brothers.   Towed to Newark, NJ, the battleship was a centerpiece of a dispute between the city and Lipsett as the former did not wish to have additional ships scrapped on its waterfront.   The dispute eventually was resolved and work began on New Mexico later in the month.   By July 1948, the ship was completely dismantled. Selected Sources: DANFS: USS  New Mexico  (BB-40)NHHC: USS  New Mexico  (BB-40)USS  New Mexico  (BB-40)

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Different Products and Factors which Affect their Demand and Supply Assignment

Different Products and Factors which Affect their Demand and Supply - Assignment Example Similarly, any decrease in the price of a commodity will increase its quantity demanded that will result in an extension of demand i.e. movement along the same curve towards a higher level of quantity demanded. Any other factors other than price which affects the demand for a product will result into a change in its demand at every level; hence the whole demand curve will shift from its original position and will operate on a new demand curve formed on the basis and magnitude of the change. Some factors which affect the demand for a product are changes in the income level of a person, changes in the distribution of income, advertising, and marketing of the product, consumer’s taste, fashion or trend, credit facilities associated with the product, the price of substitute goods and complementary goods etc. Any changes are population are also considered to be a factor which influences the demand, however, it is considered to be a long-term factor, any changes in a population usua lly occur over a large period of time. The market for convenience foods is expanding rapidly even though there are various programs and efforts directed to inform the people about its adverse effects on human health. Some people believe that it contains a lesser amount of nutrients and a higher amount of fats, preservatives, taste enhancers etc. Despite the concerns associated with it, the demand for convenience food is on the rise as the quality or taste of the food and female employment has increased. More people are attracted towards these nearly ready-to-eat meals as they feel it saves time and is more convenient than usual cooking. The market for convenience foods is expected to expand further which means there will be further increases in its demand, this could be due to different factors such as a change in taste, fashion, lower price, higher quality etc. The price of good always plays an important role in determining what quantity will be demanded by the consumers. The price of convenience foods is expected to decrease as newer and efficient factors and methods of production are been used.